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Supply Only


If you prefer to arrange fitting yourself, we can offer a supply only option with instructions and free after-sales advice over the phone or via e-mail. In order to fit one of our awnings, you should be electrically competent and have a good level of DIY skill. 

Tools needed:

  1. Heavy duty drill capable of drilling into brickwork,
  2. good quality large size masonry drills (normally 9 mm up to 14 mm),
  3. spirit level,
  4. various spanners,
  5. two people to lift unit on to brackets, and
  6. electrical wiring.

All the required fittings are supplied with each awning.

Professional Awning Fixing Kit
All our awnings are supplied with the common raw bolt type fixings to fix the supporting brackets to the walls.
However, there are quicker and easier methods to fix brackets to the walls using the latest fixings called “multi montis”. These are a versatile alternative to using the traditional shield type anchor or other wise known as the raw bolt. These are fast and easy to use and give a ’no expansion ‘ effect, making for a tighter spacing and closer fixing to the edge of bricks.

Key benefits are:

  • Can be used on cracked and uncracked concrete, also sand lime brick and solid block.
  • Easy to use, just drill the hole and screw into the brickwork using an 18mm socket and wrench.
  • Will not split the brick.
  • Can unscrew from the brickwork many times.

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